Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m Joni, a self professed foodie adventurer. I regularly travel for my day job around the country. I love trying anything new as well as finding the “best I’ve ever had”. I hope to inspire you to try new things as I take you along my Good Nom Adventures.

Marche Burette Market and Deli at the Omni Hotel - Amelia Island, FL

Before having to meet up with the rest of the family, the hubs and MIL took a tourist drive around Fernandina Beach and Amelia Island. We went down to the Ritz Carlton at Amelia Island to go to Salt, the hotels (you guessed it) gourmet salt store. It had a lot of different salts to choose from. I ended up with a toasted garlic salt and a onion salt, both of which I plan on using for cooking fresh veggies and adding some flavor to my dishes. I also purchased a sweet onion sugar. It sounded strange it first. However, one serving suggestion was on popcorn. I’m going to try that one day and will let you know how that goes.

After visiting the salt shop, we ended up at some shops near the Omni Hotel on Amelia Island. It was such a tranquil setting among several trees and a lake. It was time for lunch at that point so we stopped at the local market that had a deli. I ordered the tomato bisque and a ham and guyere cheese sandwhich. With tomato soups there is a balance of flavors that has to occur so that the end result does not taste pizza sauce in a bowl. It had a sharp tomato flavor that was accuenuated by some basil. Definitely an A+ and one of the better tomato soups I’ve had. The sandwich was cut in half and served in the shape of a heart along with a side of cole slaw that had a bit of tarragon. The sandwich was a perfect melty sandwich I was looking for. As for the cole slaw, it wasn’t much my style of slaw. I like slaws that tend to be on the sweeter side and with the tarragon it just seemed to be lacking the right flavor profile

Hotel Room Service

Cafe Karibo - Fernandina Beach, FL