Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m Joni, a self professed foodie adventurer. I regularly travel for my day job around the country. I love trying anything new as well as finding the “best I’ve ever had”. I hope to inspire you to try new things as I take you along my Good Nom Adventures.

Paladar Latin Kitchen – Beachwood, OH


Since traveling to CLE would be as normal as traveling to my own office, I knew I would have ample opportunity to try some place new every time I went. Many a times was Paladar Latin Kitchen recommended and after my first visit there I can see why.

For an appetizer my dinner group started with the Guac Trio that came with three different kinds of guacamole: traditional, “spicy” and a special of the month. Since moving out of California I’ve always been wary of ordering guac. The culinary experience just seems to fall short with either a lack of flavor or a mushy consistency. Paladar delivered a trio of guac that was not only tasty, but also firm to the bite. The “spicy” guac had diced jalapeños and it wasn’t super spicy. The special had some garlic mixed in and that was amazing. I was especially impressed by the plaintain chips that was served with the guac. I didn’t even realize at first that I was having plantains. They were thin and crunchy and the perfect dipping vessel for the guacamole.

Everything on the menu sounded so delicious, from the chimicuurri Portobello grill made with a balsamic marinade to the plantain and pumpkin seed crusted tilapia. I settled on the “Ocho Hora” Braised Short Rib and it was pure heaven. The short rib was fork tender and was complimented very well by the garlic kale, crispy fried onions and roasted corn grits. I kept wanting to eat my entire dish and stopped simply because I couldn’t eat any more. I highly…highly…recommend ordering this if you go and going back to order other great delicious entrees from the menu like I will be doing. 

Oystercatchers – Tampa, FL

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