Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m Joni, a self professed foodie adventurer. I regularly travel for my day job around the country. I love trying anything new as well as finding the “best I’ve ever had”. I hope to inspire you to try new things as I take you along my Good Nom Adventures.

Lemon Grass Thai Kitchen - Tampa, FL


I remember the first time I had Mussamun Curry. On a visit to California a few years ago, I met up with a long lost friend from my childhood and she took me to this Thai place and ordered heaven on a plate. As far as curries goes, I prefer a sweeter curry versus a spicy curry as well as thicker sauce. Most curries made with coconut milk tend to the on the soupier side for my taste. However, this Mussamun curry cooked with potatoes and onions and beef, was perfect. Since then, I’ve tried making it myself as well as ordering it from other restaurants and (like the pho) my search for that plate of heaven continued until I decided to try the Mussamun curry at Lemon Grass Thai Kitchen in Tampa. I was out and about retro video game hunting and found this place nearby where I was shopping. It got excellent ratings both on google and urbanspoon. And a quick preview of their menu showed Mussamun was one of the available curries.

It was the heaven on a plate curry I have been searching for since the first time I had it. The curry sauce was thickened by the very tender cubes of potatoes. The potatoes smashed very easily with my fork and I was able to sop up the curry into a spoonful of deliciousness. I was also able to order extra veggies and jasmine brown rice. The curry had some peanuts in it and had a good balance in flavor. I demolished my meal and was very happy with the decision to try this place out. I highly recommend it.

Columbia Restaurant – Ybor City

Salt Life Food Shack – Jacksonville Beach, FL