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Good Nom's Ode to Funyuns

We all have our little secrets, vices that we try to keep hidden from the outside world. Well my secret is out and I will say it loud and proud...I LOVE FUNYUNS!

My first memory of eating this tasty treat is from junior high school. I was sitting on the playground during a break and munching on these onion-flavored rings.  I remember thinking, "This stuff is really awesome". I've been hooked ever since.

And what's not to love? Every bite, every crunch, is a salty, oniony, garlicky burst of flavor. It keeps you coming back for more until the whole bag is gone. Then you realize you're going to need breath mint when it's all gone. But you don't care...I don't care.

It's not something I eat every day, but it's my little special treat when I'm standing at the crossroads that is the break room vending machine. You've been there with your thoughts like: "Should I have the pop tarts? No, too sugary. Maybe something healthy, but what's healthy"?

Then you see them, that bright yellow bag in one of the upper rows. Healthy goes out the window because it has your name written all over it and you give in. You give in because you know just how undeniably delicious these little yellow rings are.

Ode to Funyuns. What’s your vice?

Alfredo's At the Inn Italian Restaurant - Cleveland, OH

El Carnicero - Lakewood, OH