Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m Joni, a self professed foodie adventurer. I regularly travel for my day job around the country. I love trying anything new as well as finding the “best I’ve ever had”. I hope to inspire you to try new things as I take you along my Good Nom Adventures.

Corky & Lenny's - Woodmere, OH

I can’t even remember the last time I ate at a true bonafide jewish deli. I do remember the first time I went to Canters in Los Angeles and was introduced to the matzo ball soup and rugelach After seeing this place right next door to Starbucks I couldn’t skip out on having a true diner experience and Corky & Lenny’s did not disappoint. 

The service was very prompt. I had a good cup of coffee that was refilled accordingly. I had myself the corned beef hash with a poached egg and rye toast. The egg was perfectly poached on top of the hash. The hash was seasoned correctly as well and I did not need to add any salt or pepper, which I tend to do at most places. The toast was perfect as well and paired nicely with the hash overall.

With great food and great service I can see why this place has been around for 55 years. Even with Starbucks right next door, I would pick Corky & Lenny’s again for a good breakfast.


Granite City Food & Brewery - Lyndhurst, OH

Bowl of Pho - Woodmere, OH