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Contigo - Austin, TX

Contigo - Austin, TX


Let me start by summarizing my weekend of debauchery so far:

* Friday dinner @ Fixe

* Saturday lunch @ Salt Lick BBQ

* Saturday dinner @ Elizabeth Street Cafe

* Sunday brunch @ Austin Eats Food Walking Tours

* Sunday dinner @ Ramen Tatsu-ya

* Monday lunch @ Silo on Seventh

I had never given much thought to the fact that I could possibly get foodie-out, but I accomplished just that. By the time Monday dinner rolled around I was still up for an adventure, but I wanted to keep things low key. I also made sure to get in a work out before heading out. That made a big difference.

Contigo was the perfect option. The restaurant is an extension of the Contigo Ranch located in Premont, TX, about 3.5 hours south of Austin. The owners have really brought the ranch the Austin. Contigo has a casual atmosphere with the open patio seating. They offer different types of ranch inspired food with their bar snacks and small plates. They also offer larger-sized plates, but everything is a reasonable portion. 


We started with their ever-famous Oxtail Tongue Slider off the Bar Snacks menu. It was topped with a leafy green, a pickled green tomato and dijon. It was the perfect one bite with the richness from oxtail tongue and the tanginess from the green tomato and dijon. You get three of these little beauties so it's perfect to share or to have all to yourself. I'm getting hungry just looking at it so I would probably have all three to myself next time.


I ended up ordering a Small Plate with the chicken thigh. It was served on top of a bed of greens with grilled zucchinis and tomatoes. It was light and small, but packed full of flavor. The chicken was delicious with the crispy skin on the outside and moist chicken on the inside. The dressing drizzled over it added a nice freshness with the sautéed veggies. I couldn't have asked for a better light bite on their menu.


I was not about to leave it at just that, even though I was pretty much in a food coma. My table of three shared this lovely dessert, the ice cream sandwich with strawberries, coconut and cacao. It was simple and refreshing end to a light dinner.

Contigo is staying on my bucket list. I want to go back and try some of the other deliciously sounding plates, like the Rabbit & Dumplings or the simple Grilled Cheese (the brioche is housemade!). 

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