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Cherryblossom Noddle Cafe - Midtown Phoenix, AZ

Whenever I go out of town I try to search for cuisine that isn't readily available at home. You can pretty much find anything in Phoenix and I couldn't decide between Japanese Curry or Vietnamese Pho. With the help of a friend I landed on Japanese Curry and found this gem in midtown Phoenix.

Let me tell you. There's nothing more delicious than amazing homemade food and Cherryblossom Noodle Cafe delivered. From the moment you walk in you're welcomed by the delicious aroma of Japanese comfort food.

I've longed for homemade Japanese curry ever since I had my very first taste in college. Unlike other curries, Japanese curry has more of a sweet flavor profile. It's also a little thicker. I love how the sweetness that pairs really well with everything in the dish, from the veggies to the rice to the chicken cutlet. Cherryblossom's curry was perfect. I ate every single bite of it and will go back have it again! It's as close to the "standard" I compare all Japanese curries to, which is the now closed E & E Cafe in Northridge, CA.

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